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Public places where you can gamble online in style

In our last blog entry, we talked about how mobile gambling empowers enthusiasts to play their favourite casino games wherever and whenever they choose. But where are the best places to enjoy gambling online? If you want to play online casino games when you're not at home, where should you go?

1. Cafes

At first, playing online casino games in a cafe may seem a little strange. However, many cafes offer free Wi-Fi, which makes them ideal places to access you favourite online casinos. Do you feel like enjoying a relaxing cup of tea or coffee in a civilised setting while you contemplate your strategy in a game of online baccarat? Then head to a cafe with your mobile phone (or even a small laptop or palmtop computer) and use their WiFi to access your preferred online casino while enjoying their beverages. Of course, it's worth noting that cafes aren't licensed to provide gambling facilities. The fact that you are using a personal device to access an external gambling site (that isn't associated with the cafe) should mean that there isn't a legal problem. However, if the cafe's proprietor is concerned and asks you to log out of your online casino, you should respect their wishes.

2. Pubs and bars

If you'd rather enjoy a stronger drink than tea or coffee while gambling online, it's worth noting that many pubs and bars also offer Wi-Fi nowadays. If you want to play a few online dice games (for example) while sipping a pint, pubs can offer a friendly, relaxed environment to do it. Remember that, like cafes, pubs aren't licensed to provide gambling facilities themselves. There's no reason for them to have an issue with you accessing online gambling sites via a personal device, but you should still respect the publican's wishes if they ask you to log out.

3. Public parks or gardens

You can use Wi-Fi hotspots or mobile phone 'packet data' to access your favourite online gambling sites in beautiful outdoor locations. Public parks and gardens provide sweeping vistas and beautiful plant-life to look at while you decide what game to play or what your next bet will be. However, we'd recommend waiting until the weather warms up before playing online casino games in the open air!

Could 'Cafe Gambling', 'Pub Gambling' or 'Garden Gambling' become a wider trend? Why not give it a try yourself and decide if gambling while 'out and about' is as entertaining as gambling in the comfort of your own home!


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